What a whirlwind 2020 has been!  

For most of us, the allure of going out to eat was postponed due to the pandemic.  We found ourselves utilizing our kitchens more than ever.  This was not a bad thing for our wallets, however, it definitely left a void when it comes to gathering outside of the home; meeting with family, friends, and loved ones.

Our restaurant is located in La Conner, WA — and if you have never heard of La Conner, you may have heard of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Unfortunately, this year, the Tulip Festival was also canceled.  We always look forward to the many faces gathered from near and far that venture to the Skagit Valley to experience the wonder of tulips. Those that come to see the tulips also happen to make their way to La Conner, and even our restaurant.

Part of us felt lost without the familiar experience of the Tulip Festival and all it brings for the neighboring communities.

We never lost hope, and couldn’t wait to serve our community once the ‘stay at home’ order was lifted.

Thankfully, we are now in ‘Phase II’ and are at a 50% serving capacity! We are so thrilled to be open, and love the faithfulness of our local community.  People love coming to La Conner and visiting with us on our waterfront deck.

Although travel looks different these days, if you live in Washington state, or are looking for a quick weekend get-away, La Conner, WA is calling your name!

Here are 3 Reasons to Visit La Conner, WA During the Pandemic:

1. Walk along the waterfront and enjoy the Swinomish Channel

Spend time walking along the waterfront! There is a boardwalk that stretches the length of the channel in La Conner, and it is available for daily use. Take in the fresh air and enjoy a brisk walk!  It’s a beautiful view and allows visitors the option to watch the many commercial fishing boats that operate from here.

Piers, wharves, and mooring floats cast along the entire waterfront.  Most of the yachts that go between Bellingham and Seattle prefer the Swinomish Channel because of the calm water and shorter distance.  This gives visitors the opportunity to see a series of unique vessels!

Towards the end of the boardwalk, there is a bridge, specifically called, The Rainbow Bridge.

You can’t miss it!

The bridge connects Fidalgo Island and La Conner, crossing the Swinomish Channel. It is a deck arch bridge and is made of steel, it was built in 1957.

Right below the bridge is Pioneer Park!  The park has cooking facilities and a covered eating area with tables, benches and restroom facilities. 

2. Shop La Conner

There is a reason La Conner is one of the most loved weekend getaways in Washington state!  And we would be hard pressed to say that it isn’t because of our retail selection.  There are a number of speciality shops that are unique to La Conner.  Each shop has its own charm; there is something there for the entire  family!

As a matter of fact, if you buy a bottle of wine from La Conner Sips Wine Bar & Bottle Shop, we wave our corkage fee!

We are incredibly fortunate to have as many shops, museums, and restaurants in our tiny town as we do!!

Our hope is that by visiting La Conner, you will be able to partake in all it has to offer – and with that, supporting small local businesses!

There are even farm stands as you enter La Conner!  There really are a variety of choices!

3. Family Friendly Fun

Who doesn’t love the sound of an Ice Cream Tower! Well, La Conner has their very own! Our food selection is vast, ranging from Thai to Mexican food, and even, well – seafood!

If you’re looking for an educational experience, there are a number of museums scattered throughout the town.

La Conner is often a ‘home base’ when visiting the Skagit Valley.  We have a few Bed & Breakfast Inn’s in town that allow visitors to stay in the heart of downtown.  There is access to the San Juan Islands, the North Cascades, Mt. Baker, and other adventures that would suit just about anyone.

We hope that you’ve gained some insight into why La Conner would be the perfect pandemic getaway! If you’re in the area, we would love to see you!  Pop by the restaurant and have some fish n’ chips and enjoy our waterfront views.