During these unprecedented times, local restaurants are enduring a lot of uncertainty.  Will they be there after the Coronavirus pandemic?  How will they support their staff?  Will the restaurant industry make a come-back in the coming year?  All realistic questions local restaurant owners are facing. 

More than any other time, NOW is the time to support local restaurants you love.  Not only are restaurants reeling from the pandemic, but so are nearly all small businesses.  You see diners, bistros, taquerias, four-star accommodations, bakers, and breweries experiencing the same troublesome burdens. 

Now, we must rally for them – and here are a few ways you can do that!

Give your Favorite Restaurants Some Special Attention: 

Every business is different, however, making an effort to check in on them could go a long way.  For instance, you could check their social media pages and see if they are running any holiday specials.  Local restaurants are running more advertisements than normal in order to help offset the lack of in-service dining. This is a simple and easy way to see if you can partake in their business. 

Reaching out directly gives you a chance to get to know a family-owned business, see and hear what they’re going through, and connects you more to the local community. 

Order Takeout or Delivery: 

There are many restaurants, especially in Washington state, that do not have the ability to host outdoor seating.  Just because you can’t physically eat at your favorite restaurant, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that restaurant’s food.  One solution is to order in, whether for pick-up or delivery.  Local restaurants throughout the country have been pivoting their business, offering a larger variety menu for take-out, etc.  Businesses are getting creative!  

Tons of restaurants are offering weekly, daily, and special order meal kits for pick-up and delivery.  This could include a thoughtfully-prepared meal that can feed the entire family! 

Purchase the Merch!: 

Maybe that favorite local restaurant of yours sells merchandise, gift cards, or recipes. This is a chance to buy from a local business and use that purchase for holiday gifts!  Sometimes we don’t think that making those kinds of purchases make a difference, but every little bit counts.

After all, the only thing better than giving a friend a gift card to their favorite restaurant is tucking that gift card into one of the restaurant’s cute coffee mugs or t-shirts!

If you purchase gift cards now but can dine at them later!  When you purchase a gift card, those funds are immediately deposited into the restaurant, so stock up!  When you’re finally able to use them, it’ll feel like you’re getting a free meal. 

If you know of a restaurant or small business that isn’t currently offering gift cards, it might be worth reaching out to inquire (which also shows your support). Contact them directly, message them on their social media accounts, find out what you can do to support them!

Do Your Civic Duty:

One of the easiest (and cheapest) and most direct ways you can make a difference right now is to reach out to your elected officials on both state and federal levels.  Whatever your cause, whether you’re concerned about restaurant staff having access to unemployment without status change or small business owners receiving loans to help keep their operation afloat, you have the power to let your legislature know! 

For more information on how you can support La Conner Seafood & Prime Rib right now, please give us a call at, 360.466.4014!