Some say that gift cards are way too impersonal to give to your friends and family.  After all, there isn’t really anything to open apart from a card!  We say au contraire. People love receiving gift cards; usually, the gift card is to or for something they desire but they choose not to spend the money on themselves.  Even though it may not ‘feel’ thoughtful, it allows the recipient to get exactly what they want without there being returns, wrong sizes, and the stress of getting the gift ‘just right.’ 

For many, the thought of the holiday season approaching is both welcomed and met with some level of anxiety.  Many of us have endured enough stressors through 2020 to last a lifetime! While the holiday season is joyous, we all know it can also bring on unwanted stress. Gift card purchases can be an easy alternative to in-store shopping! 

As everyone strives to do his or her part to decrease the spread of viruses and illnesses, the idea of ‘shopping’ can feel difficult. Gift cards are a great alternative! You can purchase them online, over the phone, and occasionally in person (although not always necessary). 

A lot of us want to support local businesses throughout the holidays as well.  Considering what a hit local businesses have taken through the pandemic, purchasing a gift card from local restaurants, shops, grocery stores, spas, gas stations, and a myriad of other businesses will give them a boost! Obviously, we want to see small businesses stay afloat!  And by purchasing gift cards, you will still be giving them your patronage.  We want our communities strong and intact, and we need to ensure that what makes them special is worth a gift card purchase. 

Here are a few EXTRA reasons why purchasing a gift card in 2020 is the perfect gift idea: 

  • We all know that buying wrapping paper, boxes, decor, and other packaging isn’t the best for the environment.  Be purchasing a gift card, you SAVE on all the fluff! 
  • Purchasing gift cards does save time.  Yes, some local businesses may not have online ordering capabilities, BUT it is still a one-stop-shop.  If you are making an online gift card purchase, you avoid the hassle and energy of visiting multiple places to find the ‘perfect gift.’ 
  • You can still make it feel personal.  Whether it is a personalized note or the fact that you knew ‘that was exactly what they needed,’ there are still little ways of making the gift come to life!
  • We often don’t buy things for ourselves because we feel guilty in the process.  A gift card over the holidays can also be a way to give the gift of self-care.  I mean, who doesn’t need a massage after what we’ve experienced in 2020?  Give the gift of pampering, a local spa, massage, nails, hair!  Wow.  That would go a long way. 

We hope this article has given you a new perspective on Why a Gift Card is the Perfect Gift in 2020!  And as we approach the holidays, please note that we are running our OWN gift card special. 

We know that holiday parties look different this year, that’s why we are offering a special promo! For every $50 spent, you will receive an additional $10!  

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Happy Holidays to all!